Ahead of the launch of the adidas Originals Triest, we are hosting our own Osmiza for one night only alongside Hanon Shop, in Leith, one of Scotland’s famous port towns. The Osmiza will invite a combination of Hanon’s sneaker network and Hanon’s general consumer, giving people the change to mingle and strike up relationships over good food just like an authentic Italian Osmiza.

Capture the natural hustle and bustle of the space and candid interactions between guests. Avoid sleek and clean shots here, shoot handheld and create content in an authentic home-video style. Showcase all the imperfect, real bits of the evening. The red wine stains on the tablecloth, that solitary piece of Parma ham left on a board, the discarded screwed up napkin on a seat.


Create an authentic wrap-up video of the evening’s events, the raw moments and convey the real sense of enjoyment experienced by guests.


Valvona & Crolla,


Creating imperfection was a new challenge for our team. We had to fully understand the feelings and emotions of guests at various touchpoints during the evening.

The outcome is a video wrap-up which embodies both personal memories for attendees, evoking emotive recall; and also for the wider audience to bring the Triest concept and values to life, showing what the brand is all about in a fun and interactive manner.

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