We want to create captivating visual content that showcases the romantic and luxurious experiences offered by our client’s hotels in Dubai. The video should highlight the diverse range of couple-friendly amenities, activities, and services available at two key properties, while capturing the vibrant atmosphere and iconic landmarks of Dubai.

Target Audience: The target audience for this video is couples seeking a romantic getaway in Dubai. They are affluent, well-traveled individuals who value luxury, exceptional service, and memorable experiences. The video should inspire and entice them to choose one of the featured properties for their next escape.

Key Messages: Showcase the opulent and intimate ambiance of the hotels, highlighting their luxurious accommodations and amenities and their role as the backdrop of an amazing trip.


Design a lifestyle content campaign which will improve website content score, and provide foundations for a collection of social media deliverables.


Radisson Blu Dubai Canal View,
Business Bay

Radisson Blu Dubai Waterfront,
Downtown Dubai


Our production team shot a bank of hero content across both properties, capturing moments at all times of day.

The content has been repurposed to meet Radisson Hotels business needs, in addition to social media content across several digital platforms.

As we shot in log colour profiles, the content has also been able to be combined linked with additional footage of the beautiful sights of Dubai to create brand destination content campaigns.

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