RADISSON RED DUBAI, UAE THE BRIEF The project aimed to create captivating videos that targeted multiple guest personas and highlighted the key touchpoints important to each persona. The project included apartment content showcasing the long-stay guest experience, content showcasing bars with entertainment, and content highlighting the Meeting Hub facilities for business guests and conference hosts. […]


RADISSON BLU DUBAI, UAE THE BRIEF We want to create captivating visual content that showcases the romantic and luxurious experiences offered by our client’s hotels in Dubai. The video should highlight the diverse range of couple-friendly amenities, activities, and services available at two key properties, while capturing the vibrant atmosphere and iconic landmarks of Dubai. […]


THE BRIEF Ahead of the launch of the adidas Originals Triest, we are hosting our own Osmiza for one night only alongside Hanon Shop, in Leith, one of Scotland’s famous port towns. The Osmiza will invite a combination of Hanon’s sneaker network and Hanon’s general consumer, giving people the change to mingle and strike up […]